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Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource LTD (AIGRL) is a Consultancy Firm based in Nigeria. Since its establishment over 16 years ago, the company has emerged as one of the leading solutions provider and consultant in the Nigerian. Through relentless innovations, strategic collaborations and state of the technology, AIGRL continues to partner with her clients within and outside the country to address enterprise challenges by providing comprehensive solutions and services that proves deep expertise. At AIGRL we are experts in delivering Technology Solutions on various sectors like; Oil and gas, Tax Management and Forensic Accounting, Information and Communication Technology, Secretarial Services, Business Start Advisory, SME’s Incubation Business formation, Audit, Accounting, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Financial System Design and Upgrade and Executive Search and Placement Performance Management Services, Debt Rescheduling and  Recovery, Operational Review, Business Plan/Feasibility Studies, Finance and Restructuring, Re-engineering of Business Process Through Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Financial and Management Trainings. Our solutions are cost effective, easy to use and adaptive for next level growth. These solutions provide the platform for an agile ICT environment that drives organizations towards set objectives. We instantly transform any organization and deliver visible return on Investment. With highly trained System Architects and Software Engineers, Chartered Accountants majoring in Forensic accounting and tax management , AIGRL enables organizations to proactively identify clogs in their core infrastructure, stop unnecessary congestion and delays by providing cost effective and innovative solutions, hence improving productivity.


Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource Limited

We Welcome you to Nigerians Biggest Revenue Consultancy service provider. Anshaiab is a Nigeria Based Consultancy Firm that is out to give the best on Revenue Consultancy Services. We use up to date technology to block revenue leakages in IGR.

Our revenue Manager helps to solve all tax related issues.
Revenue Management System

Our revenue Manager helps to solve all tax related issues. read more

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Accounting Solution

Check out our Accounting Solution today and get 10% off ! read more

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Check out our Personnel Management System today and get 10% Off read more


Muhd Lawal Bawa Maru (FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA)
We always go for the best, thats why at Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource we ensure that only the best hands render services are employed to our clients.
Muhd Lawal Bawa Maru (FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA), Director
Attahiru Buhari (MSC)
We provide all this services to help ease the stress of the users. Here at Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource, our customers comes first!
Attahiru Buhari (MSC), Principal Consultant
Abubakar DoDo Sani (CNA)
No matter where you are we have our team that can come help out. We offer onsite and off-site services.
Abubakar DoDo Sani (CNA), Admin Manager
Systems Developed in Anshaiab has been used in so may places and has proven to be the best. We Offer top-notch services to our clients all over.
FEIZIGHA E OYINBUNUGHA, System Analyst/Software Engineer
Abdullahi Kutashi (MSC, FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA)
The best is all we are committed to offer our customers. Accuracy in your companies Tax management Process and simplicity in the process.
Abdullahi Kutashi (MSC, FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA), Chief Accountant


Contact us on 08084599152

Revenue Manager

Contact us on 08084599152
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