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Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource LTD is has a chain of services that we render to our clients; with our client base running from Public to Private sector, we offer the best of services. below are services we render:

  • Oil and gas: We have Experts that can help you setup your Oil and Gas business. ranging from large scale refinery to small refineries. We also help setup fuel stations in any location.
  • Tax Management: We have the experts that will help you plan your tax process, ensure that you the right taxes and to the right authority so as not to be double taxed. 
  • Forensic Accounting: We help you spot-out leakages and financial fraud in your organization
  • Information and Communication Technology: We have the best team in both the field of Software Development and Hardware Procurement in Nigeria. Our Software are been used in Schools, Banks, Security Agencies, e.t.c
  • Secretarial Services: We can help you plan and employ good hands that will handle your office so as to give you rest of mind
  • Business Start Advisory: We Have experts that will advise you on how to start up your business, how to plan your tax and other limited resources that you have.
  • SME’s Incubation Business formation: We can take you through the Incubation stage of your Enterprise so as to enable you make good profits and growth.
  • Audit: We have the best hands that can help audit you companies financial records like the speed of light.
  • Accounting: We have both the human and technological solution to help your company achieve a clean and presentable account profile. 
  • Risk Management: We are the BEST in risk management . We offer our clients professional advice on how to manage risk in their businesses 
  • Strategic Planning: With our team of System Analyst and Business Analyst we assure you that you can go to bed with your two eyes closed. We will give your business an auto pilot look. A process that allows even a toddler to run it. We got your back.  
  • Financial System Design and Upgrade: Our VACC-005Max Accounting solution is one of the best in Nigeria. It gives your accountant an easy process of preparing financial records ranging from Daybook, Balance-sheet and other financial records.
  • Executive Search and Placement Performance Management Services: We Help you make extreme decision on placement of  staffs from top level to low level. also our VAPY-005Max Appraisal System helps with the rating of staffs performance and generate an appraisal report for management.
  • Debt Rescheduling and  Recovery: Debt Recovery and Rescheduling are two processes that we handle for clients, depending on your choice we can help.
  • Operational Review: For those companies that are already up and running we can help you review your activity modes and how its workability.
  • Business Plan/Feasibility Studies: We can help you with your Business Plan (BP) and Feasibility Studies (FS) anytime anyday.
  • Finance and Restructuring: We are the best in Financial Structuring just give us a try today. 
  • Re-engineering of Business Process Through Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting, Financial
  • Management Training


Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource Limited

We Welcome you to Nigerians Biggest Revenue Consultancy service provider. Anshaiab is a Nigeria Based Consultancy Firm that is out to give the best on Revenue Consultancy Services. We use up to date technology to block revenue leakages in IGR.

Our revenue Manager helps to solve all tax related issues.
Revenue Management System

Our revenue Manager helps to solve all tax related issues. read more

Check out our Accounting Solution today and get 10% off !
Accounting Solution

Check out our Accounting Solution today and get 10% off ! read more

Check out our  Personnel Management System today and get 10% Off

Check out our Personnel Management System today and get 10% Off read more


Muhd Lawal Bawa Maru (FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA)
We always go for the best, thats why at Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource we ensure that only the best hands render services are employed to our clients.
Muhd Lawal Bawa Maru (FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA), Director
Attahiru Buhari (MSC)
We provide all this services to help ease the stress of the users. Here at Anshaiab Integrated Global Resource, our customers comes first!
Attahiru Buhari (MSC), Principal Consultant
Abubakar DoDo Sani (CNA)
No matter where you are we have our team that can come help out. We offer onsite and off-site services.
Abubakar DoDo Sani (CNA), Admin Manager
Systems Developed in Anshaiab has been used in so may places and has proven to be the best. We Offer top-notch services to our clients all over.
FEIZIGHA E OYINBUNUGHA, System Analyst/Software Engineer
Abdullahi Kutashi (MSC, FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA)
The best is all we are committed to offer our customers. Accuracy in your companies Tax management Process and simplicity in the process.
Abdullahi Kutashi (MSC, FCNA, FCTI, FCIM, ACFA,CrFA), Chief Accountant


Contact us on 08084599152

Revenue Manager

Contact us on 08084599152
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